I’m Anna, a wedding and portrait photographer who is convinced that even the most humble moments in a day hold a graceful story within. 

Through a classic, timeless style, I am here to preserve the memory of who you are in each moment of your day. For over a decade my clients have trusted me with the honor of documenting their most beloved memories and intimate details to tell their stories. 

i document your Legacy through timeless photography

Work With me

You know those worn boxes of photos that we've all looked through, the ones that feel like a dreamtime ago? They're of our great grandparents, our parents, even ourselves. The magic of that moment is the magic I strive to give each of my clients.

I am forever enchanted by the process of documenting my clients in their most beloved spaces. Whether it's in their homes, a gorgeous venue, or out of doors. It's all the spaces that you are in here and now, all of the moments you want to remember, that I aim to capture.

The years will pass and the photo albums will sit patiently on the shelf, like a bookmark in an entirely new chapter. As your photographer my job is to hold these memories with you. Glasses will clink, toasts will be made and laughter will echo through the room. Me? I'm here to guide you year after year through those memories...her laugh...his tears. Your love.


"Anna has the ability to visualize space in such a raw and artistic manner. She truly captures photos in a way that preserves time and all of the memories a moment holds. If you’re looking to embrace a season of life, the way your baby cradles your hips, or the little moments that fill an intimate event - Anna Laero Photography will be an investment that’s truly worthwhile and will be cherished for generations."


Kind Words

victoria F.