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I am dedicated to learning and capturing the story behind each meaningful detail and moment. My work is inspired by the simple romance floating through our everyday interactions.  

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August 2, 2016

I would love for you to grab your favorite cup, snuggle up, and cozy into my blog. Along with my work, you'll also learn more about me.

hey, i'm anna!

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This. This photo. Straight out of the camera. In all of its glorious imperfection. We stuck to each other in the heavy southern humidity and his fingers clawed and tangled into my hair with their sticky sweat and in it all I laughed and held him closer. My children..especially my eldest have more often than not accompanied me while I work. Both boys have been held tightly to my chest in their slings while I’ve photographed families, new babes, and engagements. Stopping to nurse or comfort them along the way and being forever thankful to the clients who were so understanding and loving through it all. The long days of not having much choice but to bring my babies with me have been to say the least…one of the biggest challenges I have faced. They are consistently at my side even on the days where I spend hours shooting, emailing, scheduling and editing. There is…as always…a silver lining. I have a unique situation where I can show my children how I work. Teach them work ethics. Teach them human connection. Show them how to love unconditionally. I put my heart into my work in the same way I put it into being a mother. The funny thing is that these little beings turn around and teach me the things I thought I already knew in return. On this day both boys were hot and miserable but at the end my 3 year old walked up to me and said “mama you worked hard. can we play now? can you play? can we run? can we take pictures? I waited for you to be done!” Yes love. I was waiting for this too. We can run.

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